IB Computer Science IA Guide | With 20 IB CS IA Ideas

The Internal Assessment (IA) is an essential component of the IB Computer Science course. It allows you to demonstrate your understanding of key concepts and apply your programming skills to solve real-world problems. The IA should consist of a written report and a working program that addresses a specific problem or task.

Selecting a Topic

Choosing the right topic is crucial for a successful IA. Consider the following tips:

  • Interest: Select a topic that genuinely interests you. This will keep you motivated throughout the process.

  • Feasibility: Ensure that the chosen problem is manageable within the given time frame and resources.

  • Scope: Define the scope of your project clearly. Avoid overly ambitious ideas that may lead to incomplete implementations.

IA Structure

Your IA should include the following sections:

  • Introduction: Briefly introduce the problem or task you aim to solve.

  • Analysis: Analyze the problem and discuss the requirements and constraints.

  • Design: Outline your solution, including algorithms and data structures.

  • Implementation: Provide the code for your solution. This should be well-commented and organized.

  • Testing and Validation: Explain how you tested your program and validate its correctness.

  • Conclusion: Summarize your findings, reflect on challenges faced, and suggest possible improvements.

IB CS IA Topic Ideas

Here are 20 topic ideas for your IB Computer Science IA:

  1. Online Quiz System: Create an interactive online quiz system with questions, answers, and scoring.

  2. Student Grade Tracker: Develop a program to manage and calculate student grades based on different criteria.

  3. Library Management System: Design a system to manage library resources, check-in/check-out, and overdue notifications.

  4. Weather App: Create a weather application that fetches real-time data and provides forecasts.

  5. Chatbot: Develop a chatbot that can assist users with common queries or perform specific tasks.

  6. E-commerce Website: Build a simple e-commerce platform with product listings, shopping cart, and user authentication.

  7. Inventory Management System: Design a system to track and manage inventory for a business.

  8. Social Media Analytics: Develop a program that analyzes social media data, such as post engagement and user interactions.

  9. Encryption and Decryption: Implement a program for encrypting and decrypting messages using different algorithms.

  10. Hospital Appointment System: Create a system for managing appointments at a hospital or clinic.

  11. Automated Timetable Generator: Design a program that generates optimized schedules for schools or universities.

  12. Music Recommendation System: Build a recommendation system that suggests music based on user preferences.

  13. Personal Finance Tracker: Develop an application to track income, expenses, and budgeting.

  14. Tourist Information App: Create an app that provides information about tourist attractions, restaurants, etc., in a specific location.

  15. Employee Attendance System: Design a system to track employee attendance using biometrics or RFID.

  16. Health and Fitness App: Develop an application that tracks and analyzes users’ health and fitness data.

  17. Flight Reservation System: Build a system for booking and managing flight reservations.

  18. Online Banking System: Create a secure online banking application with features like account balance, fund transfers, etc.

  19. Car Rental System: Design a program for renting and managing car reservations.

  20. Language Translator: Implement a language translation program using APIs or machine learning.


Remember to choose a topic that aligns with your interests and skills. Regularly consult with your supervisor for guidance and feedback throughout the IA development process. Good luck!

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